Seven Leagues Leather

Building a sustainable social enterprise from tree to sea

Seven Leagues is a Pacific Northwest fish leather tannery and goods maker. I was brought on board to build out the brand, as well as design their key product; a durable, timeless, unisex eco-friendly ankle boot. Building on my skills learned designing shoes for John Fluevog, I developed the initial designs that are currently undergoing product development. These high quality boots will be made from waste in the fishing industry and tanned with waste from the forestry sector. An urban workforce with barriers to employment will be trained to tan the leather for local manufacture.


Brand design
Product design


Tasha Nathanson



The visual brand is built on the idea of balance and cohesion with nature, with the logo being built upon the fibonnaci sequence. The icon needed to take into consideration applications on the products itself. The colour palette integrates the two key components from the sea, and trees, to create a closed-loop sustainable product.