Science World

Branding for a brighter future

Science World is a beloved science museum that has been inspiring wonder and catalyzing a love of science for kids across British Columbia for over 30 years. In 2017 they embarked on community consultations to find out what pressing social role it could serve for its community for the next generation. Out of that, a refreshed vision and mission was created—one that acknowledges that science is needed, now more than ever, to help build a bright future for everyone.

I led the in-house brand design team to update the visual brand to reflect a playful, curious, and inclusive spirit, and connect with our key target audiences.


Creative Direction


Nikko De Guzman
Madeline Koeberling
Jeff Porter
Kirsten Whitney



The process involved months of iteration, testing, prototyping, and ensuring there would be enough flexibility to encompass the wide variety of programs, events, and exhibitions that Science World led in both physical and digital spaces. I led key internal stakeholder presentations along the way to seek input and incorporate feedback, developed a rollout plan, and worked with our web agency to build out a brand new website that would be the first touchpoint in the rollout.

The end result: a bold, cohesive brand embedded with the spirit of exploration. The key brand colour was a beaming yellow we dubbed 'Bright Future', with a playful, saturated secondary palette to support it. The logo was made bolder and a little friendlier; and the future growth of 'the dome' is indicated in the slight halo effect around the dome icon and its edges rounded.

If you'd like to have a look at the full brand guidelines, get in touch.